Supplier Policy

We value our suppliers and the key role they play in giving our customers what they want. That’s why we want to build long-term relationships with strategic partners and have clear and fair terms and conditions.

We want all our relationships to be based on the core principles of sustainability, open and honest communication and fair dealing.

Working with Cadmus Distribution Group Limited

Our suppliers have a fantastic opportunity to play a key role in our various trading brands.

The Cadmus procurement team manage sourcing, supplier selection and the full contract lifecycle for the goods and services we buy. They work closely with our operational teams and key strategic suppliers to get the best quality and value at all times. 

We expect all our suppliers to extend the above core principles to their own suppliers, including subcontractors, their employees and the communities in which they work.

Become a Cadmus Distribution Group Limited Supplier

If you believe your company can work with us to deliver outstanding customer value year after year, through delivery of great products or services, responsibly sourced and backed by fantastic customer service, we would love to hear from you.

We recognise that our suppliers and contractors are engaged in a wide range of activities, differ considerably in size and have varying experience in safety, health and environmental management.

Our expectations:

Hold or are working towards appropriate ISO standards 

Ethical behaviours – to work ethically at all times

Comply with Modern Slavery Act 2015

Equality of treatment – to treat all staff, contractors and suppliers with respect and to have equality of opportunity at work without discrimination

Environmental – To consider the environmental footprint of the goods and services that you supply including the environmental impact of where and how items are produced, transported and packaged

Sustainable procurement – Consider and actively manage the impacts of products and services. This involves making only necessary purchases, securing value for money and good quality over the lifecycle of the product or service.

Competition Law – Supplier Principles


We will both take all steps necessary to ensure that we are fully compliant with applicable competition (anti-trust) laws. 

We will not share confidential information about you with any of your competitors. 

We will also not share with you confidential information we may have about any of your competitors. Equally, you should not share with us any confidential information that you have about our competitors. And in turn you should not share confidential information you have about us with any of our competitors. 

It is against the law for us to agree with you what price we will sell your products at or to have any agreement or arrangement that puts a floor on the prices we sell them at. The same also applies to our customers. 

It is against the law for us to tell them what price they can sell your products at or to require or incentivise them to keep their prices above a certain level. 

We will both ensure that we have provided suitable training on relevant competition (anti-trust) laws to relevant employees within our businesses.

Policy approved by the Board of Cadmus Distribution Group Ltd