Our brands

Our distribution platforms supply products and services in the UK and across the globe

Our brands

Our trading divisions supply products and services in the UK and internationally, with thousands of orders successfully fulfilled every month.

CDGL have a number of very well established brands within our portfolio and Cadmus Products can trace its roots back over 35 years. VoIPon Solutions has been a leading brand in the VoIP communications market for over 15 years. 4Gon Solutions has also been at the forefront of the growth in WiFi products and technology for over 10 years.

4Gon Solutions is a leading worldwide B2B distributor of wireless communications equipment.

Founded in 2010, 4Gon started with a plan to be a one-stop-shop for wireless resellers, installers, and all those who need access to a wide range of high-quality wireless communications equipment at competitive prices.

4Gon’s team has extensive knowledge and understanding of our products, we use the same technology we sell and can tailor a solution to any customer’s budget and requirements.

Cadmus Products is a leading supplier of gas detection, industrial safety and laboratory equipment.

The Cadmus product portfolio ranges from portable and fixed gas detectors to furnaces, laboratory instruments, environmental equipment, personal protective clothing and more.

These products are manufactured by some of the world’s leading brands including Honeywell Analytics, Drager, Bibby Scientific, BW Technologies, 3M Scott Safety, TSI Instruments, Carbolite, Svantek and many others.

VoIPon Solutions is a worldwide business-to-business distributor of the highest quality voice over IP hardware.

Since 2005, VoIPon has gone from strength to strength, growing rapidly year on year by diversifying our product portfolio and building ongoing relationships with manufacturers and resellers.

As a result VoIPon has established a reputation as one of the most progressive brands in the industry.