About CDGL

Powering sales for your business​

Cadmus distribution group limited (‘cdgl’) was formed to acquire and develop established distribution brands, as well as bring new innovative distribution platforms to market.

About us

Committed to constantly improve our brands

Our trading divisions supply products and services in the UK and internationally, with thousands of orders successfully fulfilled every month.

CDGL has grown year-on-year and we have invested heavily in all the major areas of the company, particularly our people, technology, marketing capability, infrastructure and operations. 

We constantly strive to improve our brands and bring innovative technologies to our customers sourced from leading brands around the world.


Our brands

Supplying products globally

We have a number of very well established brands within our portfolio and Cadmus Products can trace its roots back over 35 years.

Voipon Solutions has been a leading brand in the VOIP communications market for over 15 years.

4Gon Solutions has also been at the forefront of the growth in WiFi products and technology for over 10 years.

Our partners

We work with leading global brands

We work with some of the leading manufactures throughout the globe


Our Values and Mission

What we stand for and how we aim to constantly improve

Connecting customers seamlessly with innovative products for a safer, smarter and more unified world.


We aim to never stop improving

We understand our responsibility to all our stakeholders and our impact on the environment. 

We are committed to improve and provide our customers with high quality products and outstanding delivery and service.

We recognise the environmental impacts of its operations and is committed to reduce these impacts while still providing exceptional quality, service and delivery.

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Have any questions?

If you have a question about any of our products or services, please contact us via our brands.